Meet The Team



Formerly working at investment banking on Wall Street, Makar brings cross-industry expertise to the understanding of how the business should work. This experience he applied to develop a few e-commerce stores with $700,000+ in revenue in 3 years. With almost 5 years in the digital and user experience space, Makar understands the inner psychology on how and why a user clicks that buy button.



Maya has over 10 years experience in the marketing industry and, having previously worked as Influencer Manager at Venta and as Account Manager at fashion e-commerce platform BeHome. During her work experiences she has grown multiple Instagram accounts and partnered with over 500 influencers in all possible niches. Now Maya is responsible for the running of many of our biggest campaigns. 



Prior to working with Aurelius Yulia served as  Vice President at Promodo, one of the top 5 marketing agencies in Ukraine. She has developed innovative marketing programs, technology solutions and research tools for consumer databases and email marketing activities. In addition, he has executed a wide range of marketing efforts that strived to monetize the connections between followers and influencers.