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Yves Rocher Ukraine 

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Organic make-up store

16 months

Image by Alexandra Ciucanu

Social Media Branding:

  • Analyzed 30 competitors's Instagram 

  • Created Content Calendar for each month with 25 posts and 15 Stories per month

  • Researched, analyzed and monitored the most efficient Instagram hashtags

  • Set up Mass-following and Mass-Liking and brought Instagram account in front of 4,000-6,000 people per month

  • Left 1,500 comments under the profiles who express interest to similar content

Facebook And Instagram Ads:

  • Determined the Portrait of Target Audience

  • Set up the Custom Audiences in Facebook Ad Manager

  • Created Images for Ads and Generated the most powerful Ad Copies

  • Uploaded and monitored Ads

  • Increased active Instagram followers count by 20,000 in almost 1.5 years

  • Increased the average number of likes per Instagram post from 350 to 1,280

  • Interacted with Instagram and YouTube 100 influencers per month and arranged at least 15 paid collaborations in order to increase our brand awareness

  • Launched a landing page and optimized a sales funnel

  • Increased monthly sales from $3,000 to $15,000

  • Increased ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) from Facebook and Instagram campaigns to 3.71x

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